Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Aftermath part 4 - Entitlement to Power

"For all the talk about democracy and Russian interference, I can think of nothing delighting Putin more than a beacon of western freedom, actively seeking to undermine the sanctity of the free vote given to its people in 2016."

Remain MPs are now in open defiance of the government, regardless of party allegiance.

Imagine a battle, within a battle, within a battle. The outer shell simply depicts a conflict about the technical merits of UK membership of the EU. At the next layer, it’s not a discussion of technical arguments but a matter of ideology (nation state Vs the globalist borderless agenda). Yet if we look deeper still, hidden underneath those layers of fat is the beating heart that is driving the biggest political conflict of the post war era - the entitlement to power.

Every man and woman should have the right to make a choice - and to decide on the fundamental matters which impact their lives, without hinderance, interference, threats or falsehoods. Unquestionably, that includes the method of their governance. We should be mature enough now in western culture to ridicule (or even belittle) people who suggest that acts of democracy are a form of tyranny inflicted on others by the ill informed. Democracy in action must be a temperature reading of the entire corpus - not a select handful of overly important cells. It's the type of virtuous politics which western leaders and politicians like to waft in front of dictator nations at global political forums, like some righteous armour.

The Sound of inevitability

Yet on the ground, the well rehearsed ‘all transmit and no-receive, half duplex’ model of democracy that we've seen in action recently hit a major stumbling block in the form of the Brexit vote. 43 years of refusing to accept return communications, actively shutting down opportunities to hear what people have to say on the EEC and EU resulted in the population seizing the first chance to vent their concerns about the institution and our 'on-rails' approach to federalisation. The message coming back was the one many politicians feared above all others. “Leave”. That Mr cameron, was the sound of inevitability.

In a straight-talking western democracy, where the most senior politicians of the land had made both verbal and written promises to enact the result of the referendum, it would be reasonable for people to expect those promises to be fulfilled at face value. Yet here we are over two and a half years later, and the electromagnet of resistance is locked on tight to the vehicle of change that should be driving us to our destination, threatening to tear the machine apart if it dare move another inch. We now have Remain centric politicians, many of whom are members of the governing party, amending vital financial legislation required to empower the government to act in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Pause for a second and think about the sincerity of this move.

This strategy disarms any fallback position of the UK government if the EU proposes a bad deal (hint - it has). Remain backing politicians (many Conservative) are actively working against the UK government, amending legislation to the benefit of the European Union. Amongst this farce, the mainstream media who, far from calling out this extraordinary event for what it truly is (a parliamentary rebellion against the referendum result), seem to be egging the action on as some act of national benevolence.

Let old tropes die

It would be tempting to roll out the old trope of the Westminster bubble here, but I suspect those political miscreants conniving to frustrate Brexit are not unaware of the  people beyond their house of cards drama; they’re entirely mindful of them - in fact, the thought of them probably dominates their every waking moment. These vulgar, half-witted, misguided sub intellectual types who crawled up and out of the drains on the 23rd of June 2016 and dared to stand up and have their say. It sounds as if I'm characterising contempt here - but I don't think I need to. It's clearly demonstrable by their actions in parliament.

From the mouth of the ardent Remainers we hear the well rehearsed, yet now significantly blunted technical arguments, on a loop, skipping like a well scratched 45. In their heart though, it's the federalist ideology that they love so dearly, yet talk about so infrequently for fear of frightening people away with their truest heartfelt desires. Yet masked even to them, in the depths of their rotten bowels is the acidic bile that really drives the desperate measures that we see in parliament today. This most occulted of motivators, the entitlement to power.

To these people, democracy is a sop of vague definition, handed to people once every four or five years in a shallow and ritualised manner, only to be taken back 24 hours later and locked away in the safe. Six weeks of fois gras style political rhetoric down the voters necks, keeping the chattering classes 'meaningfully' engaged so that the vote to support today's centerist bullshitters feels like a heartfelt decision made with moral gravity. Then the nightmare of meaningful public engagement is over, save for the star appearances on Question Time, where a bit of extra virtue signalling is warranted.

What a shock it must have been to them that day in 2016. The day when people whose opinions they didn't care for turned up at the polling booths and decided to make their filthy, uneducated and illformed voices heard on the matter of the EU. An organisation whose political complexity they couldn't possibly fathom, in the spare time between sucking their B&H and episodes of The One Show. How very dare the bastards!

From this moment and ever since, the bile has been fermenting and we're now in heartburn territory because no matter how hard they try to intellectualise it, the frustration they truly feel is that people they deem to be of lesser intellectual worth have beaten them in a referendum on the matter they hold most dear. The thing leaving the bitter taste in their mouths and causing them to ulcerate from the inside out, is the taste of democracy. That safeguard which ensures some voices are not more equal than others - it burns. We must stand up for for this right - peacefully - finding those in parliament who will champion its worth, protecting the right of each and every one of us to have our say, and to have that say respected. Exercises like 2016 need to happen more - not less, so we can rub their noses in our political diversity.

Ironic gifts

For all the talk about democracy and Russian interference, I can think of nothing delighting Putin more than a beacon of western freedom, actively seeking to undermine the sanctity of the free vote given to its people in 2016. What a delightful irony, to see that western politicians are actually no different to his own cronies, holding the electorate to the same levels of withering contempt. For him, the harder they trample down the better - it's a win / win situation. Either the pinnacle of democracy gets flattened in the process, bringing our regime that much closer to his, or the class divisions between the people of Europe widens further leading to continued degradation of political trust. Or both.

His entitlement to power - is the same as their entitlement to power.

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