Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Wealthy Few

"Naturally, when it comes to the most important political decision in your life, you're going to want to hear from Knightley and Cumberbatch in order to get a steer. Personally, although their meaningful and well thought out pro EU narrative has illuminated so many - I'm waiting to hear what The Chuckle Brothers and the Milk Tray man have to say before I finally decide"

The Abbey Road album came out in 1969 - three years before joining the EEC
NB - I half inched that picture from the BBC. As they force me to to pay a license fee tax, surely I'm entitled to pinch a photo of David Cameron re-enacting the famous Abbey Road walk - enjoyed by four of the finest musicians the UK have ever known, in a period before we were signed up to the EEC by Ted Heath. No irony there then.

What are Remain talking about?

Anything but the reforms. That's what Remain are busy focussing on right now. Devoid of content, the reforms have been consigned to the dingy cupboard out the back and are now but a distant echo that bounces back in the meaningless and irritatingly dishonest phrase 'a reformed europe'. You know, that prop wheeled out by the Prime Minister pretending that he advanced the nation's interests forward in the EU after a herculean wrangling session with other member nations; The result of which required no treaty change and left more than just Bernard Jenkin saying 'is that it?'

Instead, every sinew of the Government and civil service appears to have been channelled towards stirring up a scenario where they believe they can kill off the spirit of Brexit by endorsement. Perhaps tiring of falsely attributing every known human right to have its roots in EU legislature, now it's the turn of the rich and famous to tenuously attribute the success of practically everything to the EU. Herded under the stage lights by the Remain campaign, we're presented with a host of 'iconic' stars suggesting to us that, by means that the average person could hardly fathom, somehow being in the EU makes the entertainment industry 'more creative and more imaginative'.

Seeing stars

Not content with enjoying our money at the box office, they like to remind us that plenty of additional money is freshly plucked from the groves in the EU garden and sent their way. Let us ignore for one moment the notion that the EU actually has no money, other than that which we give to it from our own pocket.

Rolling around naked in piles of money must become tiring after a while, hence the sound of the people of the UK agitating to leave the EU must have aroused their instincts and inspired them to put the crowd back in their place. Never mind that many of them live privileged lives that the rest of us could only dream of; that they have second, third and forth homes dotted around the globe; that they're not stuck on a creaking island which is having both sovereignty and democracy slowly boiled away over time.

And this is the weapon that Remain have chosen to wield. Whether it's Keira Knightley trying to pout us in to place under the supranational auspices of the EU, or David Cameron trumpeting bullshit assertions in a costly tax payer funded carnival - they  hurl their thunderous affirmations at us, backed by friends in the media who ensure peak coverage and then vanish in to the shadows when the Leave campaigners turn up for the fight.

Properly defend the EU? Or just virtue signal from afar?

Keira Knightley won't stand and debate the honesty of a project which has, by guile, managed to guzzle competencies from nation states to the point where the national parliamentary clout has become emaciated. Jude Law isn't going to tell us how the EU is going to maintain financial viability without folding the Eurozone in to a proper federal entity. Benedict Cumberbatch isn't going to come forward with a plan to heal the weeping sore that is over 50% youth unemployment in Greece after the troika gouged out the nation's assets in order to save the Euro.

Graduating straight from the university of champagne socialism, none of them will apologise to your children or to mine for putting the narrow interests of their profession before the right of the next generation to hold the law makers to account. And if there's ever been a lesson to be learned from this referendum, it's that money protects money - at any cost.

And David Cameron is no different. Blurting out continual visions of dystopia on Brexit - his absurdities avoid direct cross examination and the confrontation of debate because he says what he likes, the press oblige and then he scurries off to prepare his next scare story. Never letting himself be manoeuvred in to a position of danger. Anyone would think that he's frightened of someone shoving the 'renegotiation' custard pie in his face.

Elementary my dear Watson

Truth be told, it is all a little bit bewildering. What are we, as Leavers, to make of what we're seeing? What would Sherlock deduce from all this?

  • You're seeing a well organised Remain campaign benefiting from a civil service that's spending your money to achieve the PM's goals.
  • You're seeing 0.0001% of the population who probably have a significantly larger proportion of the nations wealth telling you that as well as throwing money at them, the EU is responsible for boosting creativity and imagination. Although the mystery of these processes have baffled scientists for hundreds of years, it's nice to formally know the EU now has competency for our minds as well now.
  • And you're seeing people abuse their status as admired entertainers in order to convince you to forget your principles.
Do they seem such benevolent people now? No?

A remedy for the madness

There is a simple remedy to all this madness. It's context. The reality of the referendum is that you hold as much power in your hands as the rest of them. Forget their red carpet walks and jet set lifestyles for a moment. When it comes to the ballot, that money cannot buy them any more votes than the one you have. The referendum is as much your stage as it is theirs, whether they like it or not.

Thankfully, you can dispel their beguiling charm simply by voting to leave in June. They may need the EU to prop up their faltering sense of imagination, but we certainly do not.

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