Saturday, 28 May 2016

Remain Unravelled

"And in one tweet - the premise that we must be ruled by the EU in order to collaborate on important matters unravelled before the eyes of the electorate. Lost in the moment, the PM didn't even realise that he had just surgically debunked himself"

Admit it, the Merkel hand thing is starting to look like it's a compulsion issue

Take a look at the following tweet. It's typical of the automated factory churn which we see spewing from the PM's lips. Like some cheap, unremarkable pate oozing out of a dull grey food grade nozzle in a factory in Swindon. It's meaningless trite sentiment which doesn't serve the people - it promotes the status of the PM. Virtue signalling for the elite.

A game of 'context' - the opening move

This kind of nauseating and needless jaw flapping, suspended in the context of the EU referendum, enrages seasoned Leave campaigners because it splashes in the face of common sense. Insultingly, it ascribes the duties associated with responsible national governance to an organisation which despises the notion of the nation state. Without giving ourselves away to the EU none of these matters or issues, all of which we expect a government to carefully manage on our behalf, can be achieved.

It's a revolting notion - that suddenly we have become so enfeebled that we can no longer stand on our own two feet. Instead, we must be cradled in the arms of a larger entity and suckle on its breast as it mothers us in to submission.

Fool me once

Except I've mislead you by taking that tweet right out of context. Let's pull back and take a look again:

He's not talking about the EU (for a change)

You know where this is going? You have to think to yourself for a moment -  why does the original tweet in the context of the G7 matter at all. The answer is that there's a profound kernel of truth embedded in it which, when expounded unravels the PM's repeated assertions about the need for us to remain in the EU.

Time and time again, he and his wilful cohorts have banged the drum shouting that 'terrorism - the migration crisis - trade - anti-corruption - health' are all reliant on the UK handing over competencies and responsibilities to the European Union. Like a bullhorn pressed to your ear, the repeated rasping pronouncements from Remain have reminded us, crowding out reason and common sense in the process, that no issue of substantive importance can have a positive outcome without us first prostrating our nation in front the EU Commission.

Yet Cameron's tweet declares the polar opposite. Canada, Japan and the United States are all G7 nations - and the PM has declared that we can act inter-governmentally with the G7 to 'get things done' on matters which have repeatedly been used in the most incendiary manner during this referendum debate. There's no suggestion here that the USA, Japan and Canada must be brought in to the fold in order to 'get things done'. We accept that we hold no rights over them, yet through mutual trust we will work together for better outcomes.

Fool me twice

At the instinctual level, we all know the immutable truth here.

Dismembering the sovereignty of our nation is not a pre-requisite for collaborative action. In the cold light of day, it's an absurd notion that few would readily accept without the crowding hysteria trumpeted by the elites of the Remain campaign. To suggest we must abandon ourselves in order to progress and overcome the trials of the modern era sounds more like an obscure cultist act than it does a measured step taken in the interests of the people.

These assertions

After a veritable carpet bombing that would have made even the US military blush, you'd think that these assertions would have hit home by now. No opportunity - without the EU offering it to us. No safety - without the EU protecting us. No security - without the EU holding us close to its bosom.

If any of this were true, then it would have penetrated the electorate like red hot shrapnel by now and atomised the spirit of the Leavers. So why, after this prolonged Civil Service backed campaign of 'shock and awe' are there so many people still prepared to leave in spite of such a large number of talking heads telling them to do otherwise?

Because as well as forgetting the primary cause from which they sprang (that of national representation), the majority of politicians have submitted to a group think mentality which is now clearly ignoring a huge political problem which MUST be dealt with and not ignored. Namely:

  1. Half the people in the UK obviously think there's sizeable problem with the EU - so much so that they won't be moved. John Curtice writes here ( that Remain have made little or no ground, in spite of the horrendous carnival of doom which they've plagued the airwaves with for the last sixty days.
  2. Therefore, it follows by any conceivable measure that the EU needs reform. Don't just look toward the sizeable discontent in Britain for this. There must be circa 200 million disaffected people across the continent wondering how such a dysfunctional bureaucracy has wrestled control away from their own national governments. To suggest that 'the project' can somehow move forward and carry the people with it without itself being prepared to change is an act of blinkered estrangement.
  3. Yet the EU is not reformable or moveable. Whether it's a Dutch referendum rejecting closer ties with the Ukraine - or David Cameron begging for a small handful of tepid and largely insubstantive declarations, nothing is reformed or yielded unless it goes to serve the furtherance of the EU. Case in point, in order to secure his rather meagre and famished referendum 'reforms' from the EU, Cameron was forced to surrender a veto over further Eurozone integration. This he willingly did, without even first getting the EU to submit to treaty change.
If, as a politician, you ignore these considerable issues and continue along the uncritical path then you are no longer serving your constituents, you're serving your own self interest. Congratulations, you're now in the ruling class of the new aristocracy. Pray there are no French style revolutions in our time.

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