Friday, 25 March 2016

Diary of a Brexiteer - Breakthroughs, Blunders and Black Dogs

"There are three types of lies -- 
lies, damn lies, and EU Referendum statistics."

Frankly, it's hard to know who the bigger liar is.

Father I must confess, it's been almost four weeks since my last blog post. A lot has happened in that time, yet I've managed to keep my trap shut throughout - and I've had my reasons. Taking some time to appraise the current situation, it's notable that in spite of the chaos currently drowning out intelligent debate, some significant victories have been had by and within the Leave camp. Here are three to ponder:


1 - The 5 presidents report --- from obscurity to internet meme

Even a few months ago, the notion that the EU had further plans for integration was off the map (in spite of some pointed analysis by campaigners). Now it's the subject of internet meme's and commentary. Although the full details will not sink in for the majority, the shorthand is out there: "The EU is looking for further integration of the Eurozone - and the rest of us will be left stuck in no man's land as a result" - and it underlines the clear fact that a vote to Remain is not a vote for the status quo.


2 - Norway 'Fax Democracy' myth - busted

It's been seriously challenged in the most public of ways now (see previous blog) and the likelihood is that by the time we reach the final stretch in this referendum debate - it should haunt the psyche of everyone trying to contribute. Norway does not accept all EU law - not even half of it and probably only a quarter to a fifth at best (certainly as part of the obligation under EEA / EFTA). Some commentators suggest it could even be as low as 8 percent but that's far off the 21 percent I calculated just five months ago.

The joy in this victory is that this lie was one of the first made in this debate and it was shouted loud and proud, making it a foundation stone of project fear. If we dismantle this, the rest of the wretched Remain edifice is seen to be on rocky ground.


3 - Two referendums - a dead concept

Vote Leave appeared (through staff and some members) to be positioning the idea that we would vote to leave the EU, only to use it as a bargaining chip to rejoin. It's now widely considered a taboo to endorse such a nuanced and deceitful stance and the 'vote leave - get remain' narrative appears to have fizzled out.

Whilst I'd always be wary of saying that this has been kicked in to the long grass for good, it's going to be a struggle for this misguided approach to be rekindled. 

These are good wins and we should be proud of what we've achieved.

Yet there's a great deal to be disturbed about:

It's ominous to see the machine in motion, the full weight of the establishment, crushing the life out of the people. Employing the voice of the state to deliver gentle notices of compliance (, they're prone to barking out half truths and wild claims in front of the camera, like a gang of malevolent confidence tricksters hoodwinking a cowering nation in to remaining in the EU.


The real enemy of the EU

Let's remind ourselves of the mission of the EU - its enemy is not just militant islamism or this straw man arch villain Putin, so often held up as the Remain campaign bogeyman. The real enemy of the EU is the nation - the idea of national identity and also of democracy. In no uncertain terms, the EU has done everything in its power to erase our ability to act unilaterally on any matter. They're pimping the nations successfully: firstly getting us hooked on the opium of the single market and then secondly, insisting on making us walk the streets by enforcing political union to go along with it.

This forcible and mandatory blending of the reasonable with the unreasonable can only happen when the political agents of any nation are willing to act as local soft sell merchants. Today, Cameron is nothing more than a plum faced, pro EU, Machiavellian, missionary - furthering the EU's agenda above our own freedom & democracy. People like this are the real danger, these soothsayers who promise that our freedom and democracy will remain, yet are no longer accountable by the time the inevitable happens and the marrow of our country has been hollowed out by the lapping jaws of the EU bone licking hounds.

Black Dog

Which is why I find myself in such a hole at the moment. This blog certainly isn't about me - but it's true to say that my ability to deliver content is severely curbed by my own bewilderment at our current situation.

In spite of that conniving fool of a prime minister pretending that he's delivered something of any worth to the people, when it's evident that in fact he has no deal - Leave are still marginally but consistently behind in the polls. In spite of the undeniable truths: The EU is merging in to a single country and openly talking up security and military union; the fact that it's blatantly an anti-democratic institute; and also the fact that we have been knowingly deceived as a nation from the day we joined ( ) - opinion has still failed to change significantly. It's close - too close.

The nation has been wrestled in to a state of fear and is being held in check in order to allow the project to continue unabated. To watch it happening before your eyes can be a soul destroying experience, hence the black dog that I find myself in now.

I know, somewhere deep inside, all of us who want to leave the ever tightening, constrictor like coils of the EU and regain what was lost - have to kindle the fire of belief and hope. Through some latent desire, we must flex our muscles and fight against the established ranks who currently think this referendum is 'just for show': the sneering EU Commission that has no intention of filling the democratic void; the hypocritical US President who would never concede the sovereignty of his own country to the unelected yet keeps intervening in our destiny; or our own Grima Wormtongue, David Cameron, purveying his slimy deceit on behalf of the EU's Mordor. Like some verbal necrotising fasciitis, eating away at common sense, he worryingly asserts that black is white, up is down and worst of all, that sovereignty isn't really sovereignty until it's gifted in to the hands of a distant political strata who under no circumstances are ever going to make themselves accountable to the people of the UK. If we fail in this endeavour to break free -  it must not be without giving them all a bloody nose in the process.

Above all, we must never forget who we once were and those that pissed it all away.


  1. The Establishment has denied an opportunity ever since announcing a blitzkrieg Referendum to ensure it is controlled: A Top-Down Referendum with Johnson the latest evolution from Vote Leave from Business For Britain from Open Europe.

    Much of that stems back to 2000's when UKIP under Farage failed to take Dr. RAE North's advice concerning a think tank. The seeds were sown long ago.

    We are fortunate because we had a chance via EURef blog and the Leave Alliance given a few years. But that has been removed. The win or loss condition of this referendum is completely meaningless, it's superficial to the actual preconditions that are necessary.

    It will take time and work but I'm positive we'll see effective change in the future. Deadlines are helpful in sharpening minds however!!

  2. It must be a matter of great frustration to RAEN that the political class have been so short sighted. Considering the 'blitzkrieg' you've pointed out - and the short timescales we have in which to organise, we're going to have to be extremely focussed going forward if we're going to make the best of what we've got.